Knee And Shoulder Injuries

Once a knee or shoulder is damaged, working through the pain can become impossible and every workday can do more harm. In many cases, people who suffer knee and shoulder injuries do not immediately realize their severity. Whether you were hurt in an accident or felt sudden, severe pain while performing everyday work, it is essential to report your injury promptly and protect your rights to workers' compensation benefits.

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Shoulder and knee injuries can occur in many ways, but people whose jobs involve lifting, carrying, overhead work on an assembly line and other such physical activities are especially susceptible. At Wallace & Kolich, L.L.C., in metro Kansas City, our attorneys represent injured workers from all occupations, with a clear, long-standing strength in advocacy for auto workers and other factory workers. We provide:

  • Counsel for workers coping with ligament damage, torn meniscus or cartilage, rotator cuff tears, impingement syndrome and all other types of serious knee, shoulder and other joint damage
  • Skilled advocacy for injured workers whose valid claims are denied, delayed or contested by workers' comp insurance company — including effectively presenting all medical and other evidence upon reconsideration or appeal
  • Attentive, responsive service directly from an experienced lawyer, with constant focus on keeping our client informed and fully prepared as we seek all available benefits

Your medical treatment may involve multiple MRIs and other diagnostic tests, extensive physical therapy, surgery or all of these costly services. You are undoubtedly concerned about how long you will be laid up and, possibly, whether you will be able to return to your former occupation at all.

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In this time of great uncertainty, we encourage you to contact our legal team for clear, compassionate guidance based on our extensive knowledge of Missouri and Kansas workers' compensation laws. Whether you need basic upfront guidance or an all-out effort to build your case for appeal, our work together can begin with a free consultation.