Repetitive Use And Trauma

Not all severe work-related injuries occur suddenly in a fall, equipment accident or on-the-job car or truck accident. People who perform repetitive tasks in their jobs and the same types of physical actions year after year often develop carpal tunnel syndrome and a range of other conditions that can be temporarily or even permanently disabling.

Workers' compensation benefits should be available to you if you are suffering from injuries caused by repetitive use or repetitive trauma and you cannot continue working as a result. This is true in both Kansas and Missouri. However, such claims are often denied and contested by insurance companies. Working with one of our dedicated workers' comp attorneys could make all the difference in your ability to get the benefits you deserve.

Decades Of Experience Helping Factory And Office Workers Get Benefits

At Wallace & Kolich, L.L.C., representation of auto workers and other assembly line workers has long been a priority and area of strength. As a result, our lawyers have excellent insight into what is required to establish the causes and impact of repetitive use injuries such as:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, most commonly incurred by assembly workers as well as office workers who type constantly
  • A range of other injuries related to overuse of the hands, wrists and other body parts in forceful gripping and grasping, use of vibratory tools and other such activities
  • Knee, shoulder, back, neck and other injuries that gradually worsen and become intolerable for workers

Focused, Personal Attention · Workers' Comp Counsel You Can Trust

Our metro Kansas City-based legal team has built an excellent reputation and track record that brings us many referrals from attorneys and others we have helped in the past. We are not intimidated by complex injuries or medical diagnoses, and we are familiar with the strategies workers' comp insurers frequently use to deny repetitive use/trauma injury claims.

If you want upfront counsel or need skilled representation because your workers' compensation claim has been unfairly denied or contested, please call 913-624-3774 or contact us via email now. We will be glad to provide a free initial consultation focused on your case and your unique needs.