What To Do When Injured At Work

On-the-job injuries occur under all kinds of circumstances. Some are immediately recognized as serious. Many others turn out to be far more severe than the injured worker believes at the time. You should report any injury to your employer as soon as you possibly can. Seek medical attention and consider consulting a proven work comp attorney about any questions, doubts or concerns that arise.

Report It! Prompt Action Is Crucial For Protecting Your Rights.

Under either Missouri or Kansas workers' compensation law, deadlines for reporting injuries at work are tight and strict. You must act to protect your rights, and our attorneys at Wallace & Kolich, L.L.C., can advise you and help you do that every step of the way. Consider that:

  • If you are unable to work for any significant period, your medical recovery and financial stability may hinge on your success in obtaining all available workers' compensation benefits.
  • Assuming that you have only a minor injury and will recover — or that sudden-onset pain while performing work duties will go away on its own — is a critical mistake to avoid. Waiting too long to report your injury or file your claim could eliminate your right to benefits.
  • Insurers generally exploit all opportunities to deny workers' compensation claims and minimize benefit payouts. The sooner you get qualified, reliable legal counsel, the better prepared you will be to avoid or overcome these problems.

A lawyer at our firm will provide clear guidance at any point after you have suffered a work-related injury or developed a work-related illness. We have decades of experience helping clients across a vast range of occupations obtain all available workers' comp benefits, including taking appeals of wrongful claim denials through the highest levels of the Kansas and Missouri systems.

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Please remember that the first point on the list of what to do when injured at work is very simple and extremely important: REPORT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! For legal counsel you can trust, beginning with a free initial consultation, we encourage you to call or contact our legal team online anytime. We can often assess the basics of your case by telephone, and our Shawnee Mission offices are conveniently located within the Kansas City metro area.