Why Hire A Lawyer For Your Workers' Compensation Case?

While some occupations are obviously more physically demanding and hazardous than others, no one expects to suffer a serious injury on the job. When this happens, many injured workers assume they will receive fair treatment and clear direction as they seek the workers' comp benefits they need and deserve. Too often, it just does not work out that way.

Working Directly With The Insurance Company Is A Risk · Arm Yourself With Clear Information On Your Rights

In reality, trying to navigate either the Missouri or Kansas workers' compensation system on your own can be an intimidating or even devastating experience. Even if you report what happened right away and do everything else right after an on-the-job injury, the insurance company may unfairly deny your claim or work strategically to minimize your benefits.

The single best way to protect your rights and maximize your benefits is to get in touch with a focused, experienced workers' compensation lawyer. You should do this as soon after suffering your injury as possible.

No-Cost, No-Risk Consultation · Personal Attention From Your Attorney

At Wallace & Kolich, L.L.C., conveniently located in metro Kansas City, you will benefit from our attorneys' decades of collective experience aggressively seeking all compensation due to injured workers. Consider that:

  • You take no financial risk whatsoever when you contact our firm about your work injury claim. We will provide a free consultation, and you will pay us no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining benefits for you.
  • We can make certain that your case gets moving and is processed as efficiently as possible. If prompt action is required in your case, we will take that action. If problems arise, we know the best ways to attack them and resolve them in our clients' favor.
  • You will have a clear, strong voice to assert your rights in negotiations or litigation if necessary. Our firm has built a widespread reputation for effectiveness, results and integrity.

We Represent Missouri And Kansas Workers · Counsel You Can Trust

If you would like to speak and work directly with a workers' compensation lawyer who genuinely cares what happens in your case, call 913-624-3774 or contact us online anytime.