Workers' Comp Benefits In Missouri And Kansas

If you have suffered a work-related injury, it is essential to get clear, reliable information about all workers' compensation benefits that may be available. Whether your injury occurred in Missouri or Kansas, you may be entitled to all reasonable and necessary medical treatment, payment of a portion of your lost wages while you cannot work, and certain other benefits.

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Based in the Kansas City metro area, our law firm is a long-standing, trusted resource for injured workers in both Missouri and Kansas. We practice actively in both states and have a firm grasp of the workings of each state's respective divisions of workers' compensation and their court systems.

Our relevant experience extends back more than 30 years, and we continue to stay absolutely current on changes in workers' compensation law that impact our clients. Delivering personal, responsive attention to each individual and family we represent, our lawyers emphasize:

  • Thorough assessment of all medical benefits, workers' compensation pay and any other benefits for which you qualify under applicable laws and your specific circumstances — including how long those benefits should continue
  • Aggressive advocacy to maximize benefits for people suffering from a permanent partial disability or permanent total disability
  • Decisive action to successfully appeal any wrongful claim denial or overcome problems our clients encounter with delays, difficulty getting necessary medical treatment, or other issues

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At Wallace & Kolich, L.L.C., we have answers to your questions about workers' comp benefits in Missouri and Kansas. Whatever your occupation and type of injury or illness, we will welcome your call or email inquiry and provide a free initial consultation. We provide our workers' compensation services on a contingency basis, so you will pay us no attorney fees whatsoever if we cannot help you obtain benefits.